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The Engineering of Wellbeing and Leadership

People and organizations have seen impact from my methodology:

Mind + Body + Emotions

"Your results are a reflection of your mindset."

"Your personal effectiveness is directly related to your sense of wellbeing."

- Rodolfo Álvarez.

My methodology mixes Coaching and Engineering ¿How? By making an impact on the processes that occur in your mind and which affect your actions. "Any transformation begins with a change of mindset." 

You will define specific goals.  You will create an action plan. You Will transform your thoughts and blocks that keep you from your maximum potential.  The result: what you aspired to is now your reality. 


I invite you to be the leader of your life and connect with the extraordinary results you want.  I invite you to connect with the areas of your life that can be impacted with my methodology.

Sobre mí


"The workshops have been very effective for our employees. They can now count on new tools for emotional management. I'd also like to highlight Rodolfo's interpersonal approach - extremely knowledgeable yet humble and compassionate.

Claudia Oliva

Director of Organizational Development

Nuevo Capital

Throughout the years I've had the chance to see and work with several Life Coaches. Among them, Rodolfo has always been the one to most walk the talk. He's always shown to be caring, understanding and humble which seems to be rare in this space. I can confidently say my time with him was one of the most impactful I've had in my journey to self discovery and growth.

Juan Francisco Hidalgo

Entrepreneur-in-Residence and TedX Speaker

Rodolfo accompanied me through a stage of drastic change in my life, contributing tools to get to know myself, manage my anxiety and improve my self-confidence.

Cecilia Quiroga

Clients for One-on-One Coaching Sessions

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