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Sexuality and Sex Life

Sexual Identity

The participant understands the process of forming sexual identity and its different aspects. It delves into concepts such as: sexual orientation, gender identity and gender stereotypes. This workshop uses a Sexological approach, that is, of appreciating the identity of each individual.

Exhibition and Self-Care

We delve into the sources of information that students have regarding sexuality and teach them to distinguish which are trustworthy from those that are not. In addition, youth interactions on social media are analyzed, emphasizing their impact, defense mechanisms, and the differences between relating through these tools and in the real world.

Sexual Fulfillment


In this workshop, the person identifies the emotional and mental resources that are necessary when interacting with others in the sexual and gender domain. We uncover how the local context (social, cultural, religious, media) imposes a "sexual structure" and the blockages associated with this structure.

Affectivity and Sexuality

It encourages learning self-care strategies in relationships and for a healthy sexual life. We explain the characteristics of a relationship of respect and distinguish the types of violence that may exist, providing guidance to address them.


Alimentación Saludable

Food Awareness


Food Awareness explores how people relate to food, understanding the impact of unconscious emotions and conditioning on eating habits. You get tools that will allow you to raise the level of consciousness and start eating really when the body needs it.

Sugar and Emotions


We live in a society with a sugar addiction. Since childhood we are taught to hide and/or suppress our emotions through sugar use and make it part of our lives. In this workshop, you learn how sugar impacts your brain and get directions to reduce your intake and find out what foods it is present in.


Life Vision

Life Blueprint

The fuel for motivation is to have clear objectives that we can commit to. In this workshop, the student will connect with their vision of life and design a blueprint that meets their objectives and goals, covering the following areas: career, relationships, health, spirituality, social contribution, finances, among others.


Emotional Management

Managing Powerful Feelings

In this workshop the participant will understand what an emotion is, how they manifest and obtain tools to manage them. This workshop is ideal for those looking to learn how to manage emotions such as anxiety or sensations such as insecurity.

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