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Healthy Eating

Food Awareness

Food Awareness explores how people relate to food, understanding the impact of unconscious emotions and conditioning on eating habits. You get tools that will allow you to raise the level of consciousness and start eating really when the body needs it.

Sugar and Emotions

We live in a society with a sugar addiction. Since childhood we are taught to hide and/or suppress our emotions through sugar use and make it part of our lives. In this workshop, you learn how sugar impacts your brain and get directions to reduce your intake and find out what foods it is present in.


Stress and emotion management

Stress Management

Stress is one of the most common mental states in modern society. It negatively impacts people's sense of well-being and performance. In this workshop, we will delve into the mental processes that generate it, and provide practical tools (mental, body and emotional) for its management.

Rewire Your Mind

Processes occur constantly in our minds at the conscious and unconscious level. In this workshop we discover those processes that prevent people from reaching desired performance and goals. Rewiring techniques are learned to eliminate them and start the path to the desired results.



Leadership Habits

Leaders are not born; They're made! To achieve this, they must develop skills such as:  

- Focus.

- Prominence.

- Listening.

- Creating synergies.

- Prioritization.

In this workshop, the participant will develop these skills and discover the steps to follow to automate them and turn them into habits.


Sleep Habits and Healthy Living

Replenishing Rest

The quality of our Sleep has a clear impact on our moods, performance and attention span. Through "Replenishing Rest", you will understand the importance of good sleep and habits that promote sleep hygiene. In addition, tools will be provided to ease their incorporation.

Life Balance

A life in balance goes hand in hand with habits that take care of our health and self-esteem. We must have a good diet, get enough sleep and physical activity.

Habits make up about 40% of the daily actions we take. In this workshop you will learn the 3 keys to transform them and set out on the path to a healthy life.


Personal Efficiency

Manage Your Time

Time is one of the scarcest resources of our day. Its correct management allows you to perform better and lower stress levels. The participant will analyze thoughts and attitudes that harm their use of time and will learn practices that facilitate improvement in their administration. It will examine how efficient your current time distribution is. 

Personal Finance

The pillars of successful financial planning are uncovered, and a strategy is designed based on the objectives of interest. It understands the importance of thoughts (conscious and unconscious) in finance and delves into concepts such as: risk, income, expenses, debts and investments.


Sexual Life

Sexual Fulfillment

The key to having a Full Sexual Life is having tools on a mental, emotional and corporal level that allow us to connect deeply with others and relax. In this workshop you will learn some of them and some of the paradigms that unconsciously block us will be torn down. You can always learn to enjoy at a new level!

Sex and Desire

Desire is the main ingredient for fulfilling sexual life. It can be lost over time or when faced with difficult situations. In this workshop you will learn how sex drive works and discover how to keep it alive over time. This workshop is ideal for mitigating the effect of routine on sex life.

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