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"I was not a satisfied with myself. I kept doubting myself. I kept feeling down about myself, which stopped me from enjoying my life and being the best version of myself."

​Sound familiar?

"Feeling good is priceless." 

Ready to start the journey?

I was born in Santiago, Chile. Ever since I was young, I was always “the good student,” the one who was “wise beyond his years.” But I was also overweight; and I would numb my anxiety and low self-esteem with food.

I studied engineering and during the process realized that it was not my passion. My calling was to help people live better lives.


But for that, I had to be at peace with myself first.  ​

I managed to overcome being overweight. The road was tough. I confronted my demons and learned to incorporate a healthy mindset and value who I am and what I have to offer others.


It was a journey of growth and learning.

I trained as a speaker and coach and launched programs at Inspira - a wellness center founded by me).


Nutrition, sexual health, leadership, stress and anxiety management are some of the topics we explore. 


Who would have known that overcoming my own limitations would help other people shine?

I am speaker on radio shows, I write columns for newspapers and I facilitate programs for companies, schools and of course my center, Inspira. 

Beyond over 10 years of coaching experience, I have a Masters in Sexology, certified in Mindfulness. ​

I would be happy to share my tools for wellness success and support you in crafting and leading your BEST life.

​Would you like to know how my growth started?  

I attended a workshop that changed everything for me.

I participated in a leadership program that aimed to expand levels of consciousness and inspire embarking on a path to extraordinary results. 

In it, I had an epiphany: I myself had defined my limitations based on painful past experiences and that, fortunately, there were tools that would allow me to change my mindset.

My programs are designed using these and other powerful tools that impact the person's mind, body and emotions.

Ready to start the journey?

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